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Holbrook City Hidden Cove Park

Hidden Cove Park



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Parks Director

John Guttery

Parks Director

John Guttery

Hidden Cove Park

Visit Hidden Cove Park

  • Over 300 Petroglyphs

  • Nearly 200 Bird Species

  • A 100-year old historic ranch

  • All in one spectacular place

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The City of Holbrook offers 90 minute guided tours of Hidden Cove Park.


For tour scheduling information,

call 928-524-6225

Guided Tours

  • Bring plenty of water - no matter the temperature.

  • Wear sunglasses and a hat in warm weather.

  • Wear sturdy footwear, preferably some with ankle support (hiking boots recommended).

  • Always stay with your tour guide!

For a safe visit:

For thousands of years, the inhabitants of what is now Hidden Cove Park have documented their lives through rock art. The Ancient Americans chiseled shapes into the rock, creating what are called Petroglyphs.


Centuries later, the Zuck family wrote its name in the rock as well; since this happened in modern history, their writing is simply called “rock art”. Petroglyphs and rock art are extremely fragile, and once they are ruined, they can never be recovered. Even touching the rock will taint the pictures with the oil from your fingers. Please respect the artists of our past by looking at the petroglyphs instead of touching them.

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